"Inconvenient Truth"

First of all, i'd like to bitch b/c this whole computer/blog paradigm is starting to piss me off. why you ask? b/c first i've had lots of trouble loading pics. i like pics. i take pics. i want pics on the blog. i have a feeling my dial-up is becoming too slow for modern computer usage convenience. secondly, it seems my Adobe Acrobat is fucked up, so it will lock up the browser and i'll lose my blog entry before publishing, just like "losing a paper" for English class. it's bullshit.

i wrote a good blog this morning about "An Inconvenient Truth". it was a good entry and i was riffing on important, mind-bending ethical issues. now i'm just pissed at my computer, my dialup, and maybe even Blogger.com b/c it's all fucked up.

you should see the movie. it's powerful and convincing. i'm sure the Nazi regime and its jackboot henchmenassclowns at FoxNews will find a way to discredit it for all its lemming retarded viewers who happen to control the country right now. the U.S. is a fucked-up place. Name one fucking thing that Shrub II has done well in his time in office. One thing? oh, i should better preface that by asking for one thing he's done well for 90% of our population. we know he's done the top 10% very well. it's almost laughable all the poor schmucks who love this prick while at the same time he- and his "legislation bitches" in Congress, and his 'yessa massa' charade of the Supreme Court- does everything he can to lose jobs, destroy pensions, cut social services, kill their children via his "Crusade" in the Middle East. Yada yada yada.

Jodido! we read and watched several kinds of things over the last couple days. big stories to come in the next few years:

1. Global Warming. we may all be really screwed.

2. the Baby Boomers getting old- i tend to blame them, and the "Greatest Generation" for spoiling them after the war. 60 Minutes, which i have't watched in years, stated that the fastest growing segment of the population are those 85 and older.

3. the never-ending travesty that is the Middle East. i wish the damn Ottoman Turks would come along and give us a good, stable empire, minus the various Balkan incursions.

4. and finally, our sporting heroes who take lots of drugs and get caught. i'm still pissed about that one.

pissy, aren't I?


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