Phloyd the Phraud II

well, the B is in and of course it's positive like the A sample. on top of the exogenous testosterone and on top of the miracle ride occurring the day of this positive, i'd say this dude is guilty, guilty, guilty.

1. Phloyd Phraud becomes maybe most disgraced rider ever. he gets found positive in biggest race and will lose biggest title. others like Pollentier were found cheating while leading the race, but Phraud will be the first to lose the title post facto.
2. Phonak is a disgrace as well. Hamilton, Landis, Camenzind, Botero, Gutierrez, etc. either they're the biggest cheaters in the sport or have the worst Dept. of Subterfuge to hide it. They, and the owner, should lose their license. let somebody else try.
3. Pereiro becomes the biggest 2nd-rate to ever win the Tour. i've done this before, but here are the winners of the last 40 Tours de France:

06 Pereiro (oops, Phloyd Phraud until all the legal BS is over sometime in the future)
99-05 Lance Armstrong
98 Pantani- another Mega-Doper, but he was fortunate to live in an age before 'l'Affaire Festina'
97 Ullrich- apparently Jan has been a naughty boy. good he didn't beat Lance in 03
96 Riis- he was the last suck-ass, 2nd-rate champion. he was good rider for maybe 3 years and otherwise was a decent domestique. no one cares, but he was part of the Gewiss machine in the early 90s, a machine of Sudden Stars like Berzin, Colombo, and Furlan. oh, and their coaches Michele Ferrari and Luigi Cecchini have the most notorius reputations in cycling. oh, and Lance worked with Ferrari for many years. oh, and they all suck ass!

91-95 Indurain- a real campeon.
89-90 Lemond- battling physical adversity
88 Delgado- Probenicide/Cheater! and no real Lemond, Roche or Fignon. Lucky!
87 Roche- Triple Crown that year
86 Lemond-the One True American Champion
85 Hinault- thanks to Greg
83-84 Fignon- great when he was young. Robin Magowan in his book "Kings of the Road" claims the various knee injuries of Fignon and Hinault were due to steroid use, which created musculature that overtaxed, and injured, the legs. good rider though.
81-82 Hinault- 'Nuff said
80 Zoetemelk- the nearly man that could- long impressive career
78-79 Hinault- 'Nuff said
77 Thevenet
76 Van Impe- not unlike the Delgado win- rare for pure climber
75 Thevenet- he that defeated the King!
74 Merckx
73 Ocana- should've won in 71 (?) but crashed out
69-72 Merckx- the KING!
68 Janssen
67 Pingeon
66 Aimar

There you have it, 40 years, and you could make a case that Riis, Janssen, Pingeon and Aimar were really mediocre winners, oh and Oscar MutherFuckin' Pereiro. Delgado,Van Impe, Ocana and Pantani were the best climbers of their day. Zoetemelk, Roche, and Ullrich were great all-rounders.

the Tour is never won by pretenders, but rather the strongest, or near strongest, of their era. yes, he defended well in the Alps and in the final TT, but remember that he was no more than a support rider to 'Balaverde'. he's Jose Azevedo to Lance on the Postie squad, or Jean Francois Bernard to Indurain on later Banestos. i can think of more. he's a pretender, and now Sastre/CSC and Kloden/TMobile can think of 'What if...?'. disgrace.

4. Operacion Puerto, in combo with this, will significantly impact cycling's ability to hold on to sponsorship and ratings. it will go in decline. i know, or feel, that cyclists don't really cheat any more than other sportsmen, but for whatev reason they're much less capable of damage control. henceforth, they live with the egg squarely on face. disgraceful.

5. i will, after posting this, delete my bookmarks to cycling racing websites. i'm finished. this is disgusting. i will promise to ride my own bike more, and better immerse myself into a culture of bike as transpo and bike as fun, but these drugged-up freaks and their LIES have taken all the joy out of it for me. i'll remember the days of Lemond fondly. i'll remember trips to the Tour duPont and Tour of Georgia fondly. but i'm done with these lying assholes. Tyler Hamilton is a lying asshole and Floyd Landis is a lying asshole. Lance may be an asshole, but he's an asshole who never tested positive and has become a beacon for cancer survivors. i'll give him that credit.

with that, there will be no more pro cycling coverage on this site, only my bikes and other people's bikes.



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