i vented earlier about the assmonkey who tried to cut me off. it's 9.30 and i've had a great steak and a great bottle of wine. (i know, a whole bottle is a little extravegent, but once corked...).

instead, i'm here to relay to you a blissful little moment from my walk this a.m. mind you, b/c of school hours my walk began at 5.05 or so. the streets around the house have streetlights every so often. on Strathmoor, not far from the house, i first noticed a shadow overhead, a Bat! no biggie, but a fun little zoological moment. the next light, too, had a bat. and the next and the next, until i turned into the home street. Either, it was a cavalcade of different singular bats at different lights OR it was the same bat, moreorless, following me light to light. i like the second option, and the image of Sr. Murcielago following me to and fro, for whatever reason, warms me just as much as Mr. Assmunchar Dickhead pisses me off. Thank You Mr. Bat.


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