Date: Aug 24
Mileage: 36 (6a.m./30p.m.)
Ride type: Commute
Bike: Rans Rocket
Temp: 84+
August mileage: 192
Year to date: 1220

almost didn't answer the bell this a.m., but the end result was quite nice. still on the Rans. i crawled to work in the shortest possible. the afternoon, though, proved quite pleasant. 'Lance' and 'Sheryl' had a meeting, so we left a little later than usual. we dropped 'sheryl' off and went about our Riverwalk Ramble, going out and back and working back towards the house. in fact, since i hate climbing, especially on the Rans, i went the wrong way on the 'Scenic Loop' in Cherokee and got some interesting looks. no blood, no foul. best moment of the day was running across another 'bent rider out on the Riverwalk. he was on a silver Rans Stratus. he was an older dude wearing non-trad jean shorts, stuffy shoes and a 'wife-beater', otherwise known as a tank top. he was getting in his miles but at his own pace and in his own style. not often to have a random meeting of three 'bents in the 'Ville unless it's an official event of the local 'bent group. ran across another gentleman that 'lance' knows, him riding a KHS fixie track bike. he bought it from the same LBS where i bought the 925. he traded the drop bar for an upturned old-school tri bar and added old Campy brakes, but still rides with platforms. interesting mix. as with the 'bent, i'm not sold on the fixie aesthetic, but it makes for something interesting. 'lance' and i took it pretty easy and toodled along. his computer has been acting up, but i think the gear i push on the Rans gives me my typical 13-15mph, just like on my other commutes. good enough for me.


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