Critical (M)Ass

Date: Aug 25
Mileage: 16
Ride type: Commute
Bike: fixie
Temp: 89 Hot
August mileage: 211
Year to date: 1236

i think my title prob sucks ass, but it's a try. today was interesting in that i rode the fixie to work for a change. it's Payday Friday, so the work crew goes out, esp in the fall when everybody is fresh. i had done the Rans thing all week, so a change was in order. i was also going to do all urban riding, going to school, further downtown to the bar, and finally back home. had a good ride to school, getting used to the fixie after several weeks off. after work, down to Actor's Theater to buy a gift certificate for a good friend, and finally to Browning's for some Porter. i assume the distance is about right. does it really matter? the one ride observation is that, #1 i like a variety of bikes and #2 i like them b/c each provides a different experience. riding the sit-down Rans versus the hardassteelontheass fixie is such a diametrically opposed experience. the Rans is a pillow, the fixie a jackhammer. both, though, are respectively good.

the CM reference comes with the fact that today is a Louisville Critical Mass Day. i whole-heartedly agree with the premise of this action- to take to the streets to give the shaft to the AutoAddicted culture. unfortunately, in the 'Ville, the CMs are heavily frequented by the hipsters that inhabit the Bardtown Rd. corridor. i passed a few going towards the meeting point. one was a 20ish yrold riding some 12 yrold girl's bike. the others were slightly better-prepared, but these are folks who ride for style, and not necessarily to get anything accomplished. again, this isn't a bad way to go, b/c bike style is certainly better than car style. if CMs are founded on a commentary against car culture, how are some former skateboarders who've graduated to bikes going to solve a damn thing? i have these kids in class. they like to be difficult not because there are legitimate boundries to push, but rather be assholes b/c it's "cool" to their friends. shit, i don't know. i feel and sound old, but just fucking accomplish something. get rid of your car. strive to be carbon neutral. make a difference that doesn't include pissing people off NOT b/c it's "cool" but rather because it's a legitimate political statement that engenders discussion and debate. mierda, no se. the end result will be that the folks in the neighborhood will just be pissed at cyclists b/c they see some nee-skateboarders on bikes fucking with traffic. bitch, moan, complain.

a good day of riding notwithstanding.


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