Date: Aug 17
Mileage: 27 (6a.m./21p.m.)
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 90 humid
August mileage: 126
Year to date: 1154

i'm sure i've used this as a title. it works for for those nastyass days on the bike when you just don't feel good. the big prob is that i drank some wine last night and went to bed too late. can't pull that off in the first week, not now. i skipped the a.m. walk, but was still up at 5.30 and biking by 6.20. i did the shortest 6m possible this a.m. this afternoon i hooked up the 'lance' for the first time this schoolyear. we did the Riverwalk loop, getting in something like 21 this afternoon. we held a pretty lively pace for the first 30min, so maybe i burned myself out. or maybe not enough to eat. or maybe the heat; it's 90 and humid. don't know. but i'm tired.

tomorrow's plans for children may limit my ride. we'll see. but remember, $3.00 in the pot if i drive.


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