you know, Blogger doesn't have means to put accents, so the stress would go on Co-li-BRI-ES. although, for my purpose, i saw one co-li-BRI. i just love the yard sometimes. we grilled some hamburgers and ate in the backyard, inundated with flies. i later moved to the front porch b/c the boys were up and down the street on the bicis. while sitting in my ubiquitous green plastic chair, i saw one bigass bug, which ending up being a hummingbird/colibrI (stress on the I). it ate some lantana, then zinnia, then more lantana. then, it flew up, looked me square in the eye at maybe 4 feet, and got the hell out of there. we've noticed the colibri on occassion, especially eating the nectar from the neighbors' roseofsharon/hibiscus, but this was the most upclose of the summer. good for me. good evening. oh, and good italian wine to boot.

i was playing with last August's blog (05). i started this blog mid-August a year ago. and during August i bought the LHT, so the one-year-anniversary is coming up. i'll have to celebrate. and what a great workhorse it's been, a perfect commuter bike.


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