Saturday, April 21, 2007


I'm killing time in a Country Inn Hotel while attending the Lone Oak Tennis Invitational. the good wife is at home and at a Son Volt concert. the offspring are at their Gran's. And i'm here in charge of 9 hormonal teenagers and a few off-kilter parents. The trip consists entirely of copious tennis, which means i stand around and stress.

the highlight of the evening has to be our victory over a local (meaning a Louisville) Christian school whose players and coach are much bigger pricks than anybody else here. i here (sic. HEAR. What a dumbass, although it was posted at 12.07a.m. after a long day. ed.) the Christian Right's constant mierda about Jesus and Morals and Family Values and of course they're the overwhelming assholes.

well, i'm out.


amidnightrider said...

I have met more so called religious people like you described in your last sentence in the last few years than I could count.

It is glaringly evident why our predecesors insisted on separating church and politics. They don't match at all.

rigtenzin said...

Tell us a story about the self-righteous buggers.

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