Thursday, April 12, 2007

Serious Stable

As you may be able to tell, it's Spring Break, I'm here with the boys and I refuse to grade papers so need other things to take my time, like surf. I could paint or something, but that would require work, which my mental state can't accept at the moment. Came across this blog and his SERIOUS stable of mounts. Of course he's yet another in a long line of Twin Cities representatives.

**Rivendell Quickbeam (red)
**Rivendell Custom (blue)
**Rivendell Romulus (green)- I think it's another Romulus, but I'm not sure.
**Waterford (red)- unbuilt
**new KempFrog, which is another used Rivendell, now bedecked randonneur style.

Count 'em. That's 5 Rivbikes and a Waterford to boot. Damn!

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Reflector Collector said...

Too funny. The Green one is another Rivendell custom which happens to be my favorite bike. The full stable is listed here though I do not have photos of each bike... yet.

I do like bikes :)

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