1 PARK, Angela
T2 PARK, In-Bee
T2 LEE, Jee Young
T2 ICHER, Karine
T5 HUNG, Amy
T5 SHIN, Jiyai
T5 KIM, Joo Mi
T5 AHN, Shi Hyun
T5 GRANADA, Julieta
T5 MAYORKAS, Charlotte
T5 KIM, Mi Hyun

**1 Brazilian, 5 South Koreans, 1 Tawainese, 1 Frenchie, 1 Paraguayan, 1 American born in South Korea, 1 American born in U.S.

Call me a jingoist, nativist, prejudiced honkey MoFo, but can you imagine that line-up garnering any, ANY, attention on the American TV set? Me, I can't. It's one thing to have Latina Nancy Lopez mixing and matching, and another Karie Webb or Annika Sorenstam, but the rest of these girls aren't going to garner much press or love in the U.S. golf scene.

And wait for cycling once Levi and George are gone. Tommy D ain't no savior, and there doesn't seem to be anyone underneath the "greatest generation" to carry the torch, especially in the drug-filled haze that is modern cycling.

More about that damn futbol result later! -


My coworker is from Columbia so she and I are a littl down today. The others are singing cinco, zero and quartro, uno.

sumbitch. Ok maybe Argentina for this tournament. ay yie yie.

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