Catchy Title

Date: Oct 17 Wed
Mileage: 18.5 (LHT)
October mileage: 254
Year to date: 1855
Temps: 74F Muggy

We're working on portfolio writing in class these days. Tomorrow we go to the orchestra and I'm teaching them to write an evocative review (in English), and they're supposed to capture the audience's attention with a catchy and evocative title. Hence, I've provided one to my many readers. LHT rode great today, and aside from a little perspiration, I rode 18.5 easy miles to and from work. Wow! A little crappy purple Ford or Chevy burned my left elbow about as close as I've had in a while. That car was RIGHT THERE! Hope they arrived on time at their very important destination.

Co-worker "Tommy XXX" doesn't like "rude people", and apparently I am one. It's like that basic geometry axiom (or whatev those are called). If A is true, and B is true and A+B=C is true, then C is true. You know, those things we language people don't aspire to understand. "Tommy X" says I'm rude/He doesn't like rude people/He doesn't like me. If he's rude about being so judgmental and sharp in his criticism of human nature, doesn't that mean he doesn't like himself? I'm over it. His best line, in response to an apology note I wrote (apologizing in case I might have disrespected his wife a few weeks ago, which apparently I didn't), he ended with "Let's leave it at that". Great ending and I concur.

These are pics from the long loop I did last week:
Sandy bar with cottonwood leaves along Ohio.

Cockpit of LHT with two-tone cloth tape. I never shellacked it or (nor) twined it, so I'm not sure I'm supposed to display such a half-done job. Love the bars, the int.levers, the tires and position though. Dear reader, do you like the 2-tone? I do.

Trail leading from Riverwalk to riverside. This is mostly used by local ruffians on their dirt bikes and 4-wheelers. It's been very dry, so the surface was quite sandy. I seriously could've used a Pugsley.


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