Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Date: August 5 Tues
Weather: 86F and muggy
Mileage: 21.5
August mileage: 43
Year to date: 1472

I'm still confused about my mileage here. The Y-T-D is both the for Sunday's 'bent ride and today's. I think I'm just stupid.

a.m. Relatively cool (75F?), or at least not too humid. I went through Cherokee, up Cherokee Rd. and across Grinstead. The highlight of the morning was running across another commuter at Grinstead and B'town. He was on a 70s'/80's steel road bike, rack and 2 weathered but useful panniers in back. He seemed to know what he was doing. I loved running across someone in the a.m. b/c it never, ever happens. He stayed a little ahead of me down Grinstead/Winter/Oak, but we stopped at the same light at Oak and Schiller. I stopped. He didn't. He just went through it and continued on St. Catherine. After he went through, he looked back in my general direction. At bottom of the "hill" on Mary at Swan, I saw him on the cross street turning on to Mary. Hah! He ran the light and I still proved more efficient. He didn't come in front of me on St. Catherine, but I think he was in my draft. I didn't bother looking back too much.

(Grinstead-Winter-Oak-Mary-St. Catherine. Many names, but it is roughly the same east running street with a few bends in it)

After I turned on to 1st (going south) from E. Ormsby I saw him again! He had taken the wrong route a 2nd time. I was slightly, but only briefly bothered that I never interacted with the guy even though I see very few commuters; it's a small tribe. Every time I would've spoken to him he either tried to leave me in his wake, or he preferred to hide in mine. Oh well.

p.m. I went downtown, out RiverRd. and up Spring to the Beargrass Trial, then up Grinstead towards the Seneca Loop and then home. I felt really good and was able to ride a bigger cog or 2. Fun after going so damn slow all summer. Maybe I built a bit of fitness. Or maybe not. I don't know that I care greatly. On the commuter bike again, though.


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