Monday, August 18, 2008

fixie commutes

Date: August 18 Mon
Weather: 90F, sunny
Mileage: 13
August mileage: 175
Year to date: 1602

Date: August 19 Tues
Weather: 91F, sunny
Mileage: 16.5
August mileage: 191.5
Year to date: 1618.5

Since i've been too lazy to fix the flat on the LHT (about to right now, though), i've taken the 9.2.5. fixie the last 2 days. like the 'bent, it's not my notallthetime preference, but it's fun in reasonable doses. Monday's only interest was that i couldn't find my backup back flashie and my clip-on flashie wasn't working, even with new batteries. this morning's route, to contrast, provided me both unusable flashies. i found the back-up Knog attached to the Blueridge. i fiddled with the cateye at a normal time of the day, and not at 6.00a.m. and it worked, so i used both. the plan this a.m. was to meet 'Alberto' and 'BB' at 6.25 at the meeting corner. i was out the door at an efficient 6.00 and toodled to meet 'Alberto', cutting him off at the chase near his dwelling. He didn't show. i rode to meet the more dependable 'BB'. She didn't show. i rode, though. the only other notable was a minefield of glass on St. Catherine. It seems as though someone decided to throw a beer bottle into the street every 10ft. great.

the morning became more interesting right before work. i hear something strange amidst my MMJ on the ipod and turned around- remember this from last week?- and lo and behold it was 'BB'. She apparently had been a little later and saw me leaving in the distance. she the got a good workout chasing me the 4m or so, and she did catch me. i liked that story. it was a good way to start the day. this afternoon was less dramatic, but riding home was sure better than being stuck under the neon lights at work. peace.

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