Friday, August 01, 2008


July was a crazy month on the bike. It swung back and forth, from long and interesting rides to a week of 2m trips to a week of NYC and nary a bike to be had. I've never had a 500m month, but numerous 400m+ months. In some ways this July would've been the one, but it wasn't and I have to accept that. On top of the wavering mileage we had the computer snafu, which butchered my mileage record-keeping. I became accustomed to using Duc's Excel program (found on KY Bike Rides). I have that in hand now (well, on disk), but we don't have Microsoft Office as of yet. I think we're going to have to pony up the $159 for it sometime soon. My, this computer thing is going to end up quite expensive. Alas.

Next week I'll have 3 days of commuting, and the week after 5 days of motivating mileage. I've never been a foul weather a.m. commuter, but $4/gallon and a tipping point have adjusted my mindset. I'll be an every day guy now. My yearly mileage, according to mycyclinglog, is 1398. I think that is short of the 'Duc' mileage, but I'll have to retrieve that when I can.

Date: August 1 Fri
Weather: 92F and Humid
Mileage: 0
August mileage: 0
Year to date: 1398

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The LuvDogg sayeth:

Get the out to and download thyself a free copy of an office suite just as frickin' good as Microsoft.

It will even save into microsoft formats if need be.

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