With my mtbike trip to Seneca/Cherokee I totalled 570 miles for the month of July, and that was with 10 days of vacation where I only rode a few basic 1-hr rides. 570 is easily a personal record, for which I'm pleased. Yes, I could've gotten 600m, but I didn't and that is just fine.

I had a good mtbike ride this afternoon after a day of lethargy. I hit Seneca first, doing pretty well until I got stuck on a very twisty bottom trail that I just couldn't manage to master. Cherokee went well too, where I cleared most of the obstacles and roots that faced me. I only walked 2 times, both on severe uphill sections where roots stopped me more than the terrain. The C'dale is funny, b/c the 29er wheels and front shock make clearing roots and rocks much easier, but the larger wheel size isn't very compatible with the twisty nature of the trails. Looks like a compromise.

I hope to ride tomorrow a.m. and get August started well. Work will start soon, so no more days of disappearing all day, but we'll still try to get training miles for the Family Camp 110. At this point I've ridden enough that I shouldn't let the opportunty pass me by.


Apertome said…
Man, that is a LOT of miles for one month. Very impressive.

What exactly is the Family Camp 110? I think you've mentioned it before, but not sure if you explained.

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