Deja Vu

I've been here before. In 1999 after my solo 85-miler to Lexington I found myself unmotivated to push myself further. I was satsified and I wound down. This week after my 80-miler Tuesday I've been very unmotivated to ride much. I didn't ride Wednesday. Thursday was a restorative, slow 10miler on the QB, Friday a mtbike ride. Yesterday although I had opportunity, I didn't bother. Today, with a beautiful morning facing me, instead of mastering my domain (not in the Seinfeldian way) I just toodled, going through Audobon Park and then to Sunergo's. After coffee and a donut- a relaxing coffee and donut, mind you- I ventured home via a snaky route that involved Winter, B'town, Spring, Lauderdale and Seneca Gds, nary "raising a pedal in anger". I think the impending return to school is on my mind, as are the variety of activities that need to be accomplished with that renewal. I'm ready to commute. I'm ready to start the routine again: 5.15, suit up, 6.15, 7-8m, work, afternoons await. ???


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