Absurd and Frightening

Check this post out at EcoVelo. More head shaking. Ridiculous! I've gone for several years without getting too angry at societal stuff b/c it's not worth the energy or emotion, but I feel like some FoxNews crank, "This country's going to hell in handbasket!". How on earth can we dissuade people, kids, from doing the healthy thing, the cleaner thing, the right thing? So fucking stupid.

Our sons go to an urban magnet school here in Louisville. It's the only school in the county without bus service and stands downtown among the city buildings much like one would in NY or Chicago. Yes, my poor wife has had to act as taxi for these many years, but the setting is unique and the atmosphere diverse, one of the big reasons we wanted this for them. Now, the school is slowly being taken over by petite bourgeoisie , much like those I can imagine from the EcoVelo article, those yuppies hell bent on bending the will of society to their every selfish need. Now, instead of going to and from school like you would imagine in an urban setting, you have them wanting to construct false senses of security with surburban-like drop-off lines and control, control, control. I tell them, if you want a suburban, pick-up line with cute little number cards in each SUV or minivan, go to the surburban school that provides that. If you want a diverse school in an urban setting, the boys' school provides that different experience. It makes me grumpy, as you can see, just like the dumbasses trying to outlaw walking and biking to school. Fucking ridiculous.


Laura said…
Yes, it's irritating when parents have options, choose a particular school, and then work hard to try to make it like a school they could be sending their kids to elsewhere. I always feel like saying, "Look, if you want x, send your kid to the school that does that, rather than spending all your energy complaining about why we don't do it that way."

There are some parents who make my job horrible sometimes. I try to remember that there are only a few of them, but still...

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