Not many posts of late, or at least those of significant content. I'm just not feeling it, but happy to be back on the commute:
  • Long-term project for LHT is to acquire a new stem; the ones from VO look very promising. I like an angled stem for the LHT b/c it gives me a more upright view for around town, but I need more length. I find myself riding way out in the hoods. I would also love to acquire a Pass&Stow rack for the LHT. My preference would be to load the panniers on the front and keep the rack deck open for loads. They're expensive ($200+), so it's more an Xmas present kinda thing for me.
  • I got laid low with massive lower GI issues, so I'm off the bike today. Too bad, 'cause the air is cool and fresh.
  • Started twitter not long ago @TransyTex, if you wanna' know. I think I'm spreading myself too thin on the digital front: blog, twitter, FB. You end up living through the screen instead of living. And it's all so strangely voyeuristic, but still interesting, or something.
  • We've dealt with lots of computer issues of late. Hard drive on year-old HP died, with two different people informing me that it was hardware failure. Of course, after the computer debacle of 2008 I still hadn't done a backup- IDIOT!- so I had to buy a new hard drive and back up (WD MyBook- hope it's good). The neighbor has been helping 'cause I'm not *that* into computers. The broken harddrive is now at Cornell Univ. with a genius former student. He's going to try and fetch what he can, if anything. He likes the challenge. And now the neighbor has the old harddrive from the Dell so that we'll have everything pre-summer of 2008 but he's having issues too. And I just installed the new WDMyBook and I'm getting an error message for its software b/c Windows Vista doesn't have that file and it isn't online. The drive will work, but I'll have to use a 2ndary software back-upper. =(
  • I just looked up a bit of info on the WD MyBook and it's reasonably well-rated, but apparently all these external backups have a tendency to fail, but of course, the internal (apparently a nice one) on the original HP failed too. Eye rolling.
  • La Liga starts soon, so it will be fun to see how the new Galacticos fare. Kaka has been impressive in the pre-season, but CR9 has been relatively quiet. Ole! Vamos!
  • I didn't see any of the match, but Jozy Altidore got his first play with Hull yesterday and assisted on the winning goal and received accolades for his dynamic play after coming on in the 2nd half.
  • I fully intended on going to church this a.m., but my stomach still has has a rock in it, so I'm home reloading thousands upon thousands of songs into iTunes, starting anew. Shaking head. Eye rolling.
  • I'm also "wasting" time putting blog favs back into my bookmarks. One reason for not writing many interesting blog entries of late is that I've not been reading any. It's just school and soccer, school and soccer, with commutes. And that's alright. But however narcissistic blogs may be (according to some), reading about adventure motivates me to have adventure.
  • Listening to newer U2 while doing all this computer work. I like U2, and have for a long time.
I'm done for the moment. I didn't mention Calipari, Memphis and UK, but what can you do. I didn't mention work either, but why would you?


Apertome said…
Funny you mention the VO stems. I just got one, as I needed a shorter stem. I may have gone too short -- the jury's still out -- but the stem is very nice indeed.

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