Commute No.1

Although the kids were not in school today, I went in for some meetings and didn't get much done. We have 2 more days of school opening and then it's off to the races with kids on Thursday. I liked numbering my commutes in the Spring, so this new year gets a new list going, with the first today.

To be fair, I've been busy, undermotivated or both of late. After some great July mileage, I just can't seem to get going in August. Lately I've been hoping for commuting time b/c I know it will give me steady miles. I almost- Almost- did a S24O last night, but some lower GI issues waylaid those plans. I have more gear ready and really intend on doing one of those sooner than later. I've also been reading lost of crazyguysonabike journals, especially from two specific ones.

The first is Jeff Kruys' A Few Years in North, Central and South America. He began his journey in his native Canada, but I've read his Central and South America portions with great eagerness. He has a very humble, unassuming style, but it makes his epic days all the more epic. Of particular note, not culturally, but geographically are his entries from the Andean countries. I just can't imagine more stark, glorious and frightening terrain. It makes my silly musings about "mixed-terrain" seem childish, but allthemore compelling. And if you're a bird nerd, he provides many an image of our hemispherical avian neighbors.

Another of great interest has been A Honeymoon to Remember, from Sam and Erin Arnold Barkley. They're a Utah couple that, yes, got married and have spent it on the bike though Asia. Again, the vistas and entries from the high mountains are of great interest, altough both of these journals do a great job coloring, comparing and contrasting the local cultures and terrain.

I doubt I'll do anything so, again, epic any time soon, but it sure does look fun, in a 3rd-World misery kind of way. As for my own recent riding, I need to get some August miles in if I'm to do my Family Camp 110 during Labor Day weekend. I haven't felt the great urge of late, but some nice, long, hot afternoons on the commuter will get the juices flowing again. Peace out!


Glad to see that you are OK. I was beginning to wonder whether you had been hit by the evil poo flood that happened last week. Instead I see it was just the regular poo flood of preschool work.

I will probably be in town this weekend at FrightFest. One of my buddies is in a couple of local, indie films that are going to be shown there.

Ride on, Dude.

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