Commute No.10- The Blinkies

A nice, easy commute today with a couple "blinkie moments." Crossing Taylorsville, no, I need to begin appropriately. My wife woke me up at 4.40a.m., accidentally and I fault her not, but it was only 30min until the alarm, so I got up and out the door pretty early this morning. Crossing Taylorsville, I see a pair of blinkies travelling west- towards town- and I gave chase. He turned by the carwash and threaded towards Woodbourne and I followed. I could've pulled up next to him on Woordbourne but felt weird, so I turned and paralleled on Douglass. When I got to the B'town intersection, he went by going N on B'town and I followed again. At Eastern Pkwy, he ran the red while I did the responsible thing and he distanced me, until I dropped a cog and almost caught him again near Grinstead. Don't know who he was, but his double blinkie did a good job.

I then encountered a blinkie far ahead on 1st, but didn't feel like chasing. I thought it might be 'Lance' from work, but the blinkie just sort of lingered there, where I found it to be the rear left flasher of a semi. Blinkie UFO.

The double blinkie/yellow shirt commuter showed up again on my commute home, on Taylorsville again, a mere .2m from our first encounter. Strange. I wouldn't mind finding out his story now, but you never know. Down the road maybe. 15.5 good miles today. Better than work.


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