Commute No.3

Need I say more? The only adventure was the rear pannier getting stuck in the wheel this morning. I almost went down. I guess I need to affix a piece of plastic or alum to stiffen up the pannier body against the rack so it doesn't fold into there.

Also, I'm thinking of buying a small, waterproof dry-bag for the commute, something to just put keys, phone, wallet,etc. in. I use Kroger bags but would like something more permanent. If anyone has some wisdom out there, let us know.


Ben said…
i've used Nashbar's "Action Pannier" a fair amount. Not only a pannier, but a backpack (the pannier mount unzips off the back)... but it also has a sturdy dry-bag in it. Good place for the laptop or clothes.

Quality is good, too. Can't complain. Perfect for that cycle/hike trip.
My dry bag is a semi-sturdy ziplock bag. It's fairly inexpensive and lasts several trips before wearing holes in the fold corners. Perhaps, you were thinking even MORE permanent.
Anonymous said…
I just use my trunk bag with rain cover. I've never had anything get wet in there... unless I forgot to put on the rain cover.

Oh, and I haven't ridden to work yet this week. I feel very slothful.
Apertome said…
Glad to see you're commuting again. I miss having a commute!

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