Commute No.6

Dang, I haven't had much to say on the ye' ol' blog of late. I guess I'm like everybody else, working for a livin' and gettin' paid.

Sorry, I digress.

I rode Thursday but needed to lug a computer to work. I rode yesterday and today and that's the extent of my riding in August. With soccer and school, long days have been few, but it does feel good to use those 2 wheels to get to work. As is the case often with teachers, we're out of money at the moment, so the commute feels even better. When I drive, I tend to buy coffee too, so it's more savings that it seems. I've read lots of bike-related media, such as this one from Slate today on bike parking. Because I work in a building where I can store my bike, and the neighborhood seems to have adequate posts and racks, I don't think of such a thing, but it's of obvious issue.

The 'Ville has been doing better lately with bike projects. Check out BikeLouisville for an update. I perceive a growing anger with local 2-wheelers at the same time that riding %s are up and more efforts are being made to make the 'Ville a cycling city. Another fun local discussion has revolved around the LBC's ride structure. I was going to put you onto the kycyclist listserve site, but it shows it as broken. I might just chime on this in the coming days, because the content of that is something LithoDale and I have discussed at length.


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