Cap but no Cape

He's not quite as guapo as I am, but we're wearing the same new cap, a fetching blue number from embrocation cycling journal. That's an awfully nice site that's 'crossish in nature when a dose of easternUSA thrown in for good measure. My fine wife asked, "Did you get another cap?"(eyes slightly-but-deftly rolled). "Yes, I did!" (grin evident). It's a comfy one too.

As for riding, I got caught in some massive rain after work today. Unfortunately, the afternoon commute coincided with an off-site meeting about 4m away from work, so I arrived wet, wet, wet. Normally I wouldn't care but I also did a horrible job preparing for today's deluge. I knew it was coming but *didn't* wear any wool as I had done this week and *didn't* take a rain cape; my thin Nike windjacket did virtually nothing. My ultimate saving grace was a modified rain cape I wore underneath my jacket, one McGuyver-ized from a work trash bag. Classy! Monsoons are forecasted for tomorrow as well, but the wool, raincapes and neoprene Fox gloves will come out for that.


Anonymous said…
I did ride, and packed my rain cape. Yes, I was riding my upright, as a rain cape doesn't work as well on a 'bent. :)
Tex69 said…
Good to hear you're on 2 wheels with the feet thing. You interested in Jimmy's F@*K Gas ride Saturday? I'm going if we're back from soccer.
Anonymous said…
Actually I've got a terribly busy weekend. I'll be out of town on Saturday. I'm hoping to be at the Harvest Homecoming ride on Sunday though.

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