Saturday, September 18, 2010


  • got 'L' up at 7.30- his choice- and went to the farmers' market, where we bought apples, plums, greens, garlic, coffee and a muffin. Nice, nice trip.
  • watched 'Z' run cross-country. As much as I think he can run faster, he's doing it and I'm not, so who the @#$ am I to question?
  • veggin' at the homestead when 'L' called from a friend's house looking for a certain videogame after their soccer game. It set up the perfect excuse to ride: run by there and then to OYLC to pick up a tube for 'L's front tire.
  • ran in to Dave and Dom at Spinelli's next to OYLC. First I purchased: tube, 20" road-worthy tires for 'L', new cheap pedals for SSFrankenTrek, new ULock to replace 15+yrold one prone to pen tops. 'L's bike has massive knobbies, but he doesn't really ride trails, so roadies it is.
  • After purchases (cheap for my normal trips), joined Dave and Dom for 2 slices, 2 PBRs and 1 relaxing time. Was going to go home but Dom invited us to roll through Cherokee, which we did, extending to Seneca and St.Matthews.
  • Dave and I stopped at that beer place in St.Matthews, but Dave had to clarify key thing, and more importantly, I had stealthily disappeared for afternoon and needed to return for parental supervision while girls went out.
  • 'L' was/is sleeping over at friends, and 'Z' decided to go to neighbor buddy for Halo Reach bruhaha. I was left home alone. What did I do?:
  • cleaned parts of the garage to better access bikes
  • mounted 'L's tires. I think he'll like the new ride alot.
  • removed bottle cage from Crosscheck for potential 'cross runups.
  • mounted wonky rhodegear mirror on Ute by drilling out cork grip. It'll serve, but not great. Need one that's 90degree up elbow mirror.
  • mounted new cheap pedals on SSFrankenTrek and adjusted non-existent rear brake. It'll get some 'bidness' next week. Just realized I should have adjusted LHT set. It's set a little downward tilt for my tastes.
  • drank beer: Schlafy's APA and Leine's Summerweiss, or something like that.
  • listened to The National and the new Bobby Bare Jr. CD on the really beat up CD player in the garage.
I need a shower.

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Doug said...

Wow, I never get that much done in one day. And I don't have kids. I also can't drink beer...maybe that's the secret. I should start splurging on the expensive Gluten Free beers. Perhaps I'll get more done?

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