East Loop

Wednesday brought a westwar 27. Today, another 25 in sleety, snowy skies. I stopped by OYLC for a quick lube in the pm; it had been driving me crazy but I forgot to in the a.m. The boys did so with a smile. We commiserated that I had 2 legit pairs of clear safety glasses and a new pair of goggles at home, all for snow and such, and I had nothing on me for the cold and falling precip. Duh!

Mellowed presented me with a tailwind, which I used to link to Cox's Park and Indian Hills. Up Indian Hills I first noticed some interesting frozen low-lying areas and suddenly a rather large Blue Heron took flight. Love that, especially since I hadn't seen Ol Blue for a while.

I saw the fam in St. Matthews on the way to b'ball prac but they didn't seem to see me. After a stop at the bank I ended up at home pretty comfortable for 32F. The ticket was the Marmot Windshirt. Everybody should.


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