Park Jam

I'm doing well with my stolen time this Spring, better so far than I've ever done in the past. Today big one had soccer practice while the little one was with mom at his middle school soccer game. That, in turn, gave me a window from 5.45 to 7.15 to make something happen, which I did as best I could. I jumped on my Precious and hammered out an hour plus a warm up in the parks, which, by the way, were insane. It's so great that folks are out using them in the 80F weather, but that means walkers, joggers, bikers, strollers, gawkers, drivers.....The portion around Seneca Loop was downright frightening with the number of cars pedestrians, street-crossers and such. Note to self: Don't go to Seneca anytime in the evening. Wild!!

I was on the fast bike again (no pics yet) and it felt as great as ever. I've never had a bike that wanted to go like this one. With an average in the mid-16s and approaching 17 until late I think the speeds are indicative of its temperament. Aside the obvious issue of my fat feet and bike shoes, it's dialed right in from the get go. I think the pictorial is coming soon. I did have an issue with the Garmin not picking up the satellites as early as it should have. The green 'depart' below is almost 2.5m into the warm-up I took waiting for it to grab a signal, and if you inspect the map a bit more, you can see than it took 2 or 3 miles for the gps signal to settle into the map. it's all good in the end. I hope everybody else had such an exhilarating afternoon.


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