Berea + pics

I've done a couple nice rides but haven't had the time to put them to words. Saturday we went to Berea for soccer and I used the 1hr warm-up to take a quick ride out into the C.KY. countryside, and boy what nice countryside it was! I've been waiting to download the pics from my phone, but alas. The stretch along 595 and Moran Summit Rd. were as nice as any I've encountered. The rolling, breezy terrain at hay cutting time is optimum imho. I missed a turn onto JohnBallard and extended my ride a bit -always nice-, but now I was late for game and had to ride hard the way home, and instead I found hillier terrain and then a headwind. I lost a full mph in about 2m worth of rollers on John Ballard and had a tough time of it the last 4 or so. Great, great short day on the bike though.

And Berea even has a nice bike path along Walnut Meadow Rd., a nice bonus!


You were about 6 miles from my house. Now you know the secret of the great riding around here.
Apertome said…
It sounds wonderful -- if you get the pictures transferred, you should still post them.
Anonymous said…
Hay cutting time? There is no way it is hay cutting time in the middle of May. Maybe just mowing down the dead winter crap to get ready for something else? mgns
Saturday....You ready. Barca or ManU? I'm neutral for now but things may change at game time. I like both but can't see myself watching this one as a coach. This one will be as a fan and I just may let loose after a score.
Apertome said…
The IF looks magnificent ... beautiful scenery and great flowing roads too. Glad you posted the photos!

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