Fancy That!

I actually commuted by bike today! I had an after-school PD, so after a casual morning commute, this afternoon my asst. took the tennis team and I rode down to 'L's school to meet him for an dual-modal bike/bus trip home. The bus came later than expected and took longer than expected so I was unable to do the extra mileage to and from the meeting. Oh well. It was 9 nice stolen, unexpected miles in the middle of the busy tennis season.

Regardless of my fancy bikes, it's been a fruitful May on 2 wheels. The upcoming schedule suggests that the end is nigh on that note, but one day summer will come and the road beckons for some interesting adventure. Today, though, was good enough.


David Crowell said…
Nine miles is more than I did. Not bad at all.

I'm glad you got out.
I just posted a blog entry about low carb stuff if you want to take a look. I am not a writer but I may have accidentally answered some of your questions. If not, feel free to quiz me in the comments section.


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