Please take a close look at the pic and notice the the bulbous object is *not* an extension of the side bag, or maybe it is sort of. I had the good fortune to commute-what day was it?- sometime this week and I did extra duty on the way home. My asst. coach has a small car and didn't want to take the tennis hopper and the cooler, so I tested whether the fatter-but-lighter of the two would fit under the straps of the side bag and it did! My team was rather unbelieving that I could still ride with it on there, but no probs except that the heat had descended for the first time this year so I got sorta hot in the last mile or so and didn't mow the grass like I should've . Now I'm going to have to pull a more epic and ride with the hopper attached to the other side as I had done earlier this Spring. Full commutability, as long as there isn't any water in the cooler; that might break the straps, bike and me.

Tennis post-season starts next week, so the chances of mileage are slim to none. Or maybe I steal a day and load up


Pondero said…
Love the matching pedals. Quite fashionable.
Tex69 said…
matching pedals, bag and cooler
I always heard that Spanish speaking tennis players preferred matching items. Now I know it is not just some misinformed stereotype.

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