Lithodale rarely JRA, and less so JRAS (just riding around slowly). I sometimes do so, and today more so. Returning from soccer State Cup (let's not discuss results), while the boys headed to the pool opening, I ventured forth on the QB for some JRA, which soon became JRAS. I didn't "have it". I just rode along, boiling in the sudden heat. For those not attuned to the 'Ville weather pattern of late, we've suffered weeks upon weeks of 50s, 60s and rain, and after a trying Saturday, the summer heat broke. And I mean broke. Yesterday and today we have summer-like temps in the low to mid-90s, and today they beat me down. My water bottle got warm quickly and I felt like crap, but I still pedaled.

I looped down into Portland and picked up the Riverwalk for the return. The Belvedere was full of Abbey Road on the River and the spillover moved to the Great Lawn area. The pics below are of fountains, but understand that there are prominent signs saying "NO SWIMMING" and "WATER FILLED WITH NASTY PESTILENCE AND RAW SEWAGE", or something like that. As you can see, there were still lots of folks braving water that isn't fit for your dog. Darwin at work?

Memorial Day flag fest

From downtown I worked my way back towards the house and went by Krogers to see if the pharmacy was open. Alas, but I did find other substances, and they fit perfectly in the Acorn. Perfectly. Heart. SCS moves forward.


Pondero said…
I understand the arrival of heat. I've begun to think of alternative scheduling. It appears that you have identified a means for coping yourself.
Apertome said…
Looks like some fun crusing around town. The heat hit as a bit of a shock here too, though I am less averse to it than I used to be. I got accustomed to riding through it last year.

Too bad about the water quality -- those folks are having a good time. Alas.

Beer in the acorn = excellent! (sounds like a euphemism)

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