Meeting of 3

Dave stole a pic from Pondero's blog of our brief-but-pleasant meeting yesterday. I'm stealing a couple lines from Dave's blog about our brief-but-pleasant meeting.

 "Chris lives in Texas, and I’ve only known him via his blog.  He has a couple of really nice bikes, and some wonderful Texas Prairie roads to ride them on."

I think the combo of Pondero's few pics and Dave's words takes care of the brief content of our meeting. He was/is in town for a conference and the modern "narcissistic" world brought us together. People accuse blogs of being narcissistic, but I contend that days such as these show that blogs can bring people with common interests together. I met Dave through his blog and we've shared many miles together. And if Chris were around, based on his blog, 2-wheel tendencies, and our brief meeting I have a feeling we would also share miles together. Narcissistic and insular? Perhaps. Greater means of connectivity? Depends on the context.

I'd love to take a ride on that Texas prairie some day. It's a long haul, though.


Apertome said…
Excellent! I was surprised to see he was in your area -- a long way indeed. Wish I could've been there.
Pondero said…
Based on your prior blog posts, it appears that there is plenty of good riding nearer to you than Texas. However, we'd love to have you. It might be best to come between November and May. It was great to meet you guys.

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