Oaks Day noodle

Tomorrow is the Ky Derby, so that means today is Friday, Oaks Day, when the fillies run and the teachers are out of school. It has finally stopped raining, so the chances of a mega-Friday morning ride were there, but no. no. no. Dithering and waking up were the matters at hand then a ride in due time, which meant leaving around 9.00 on the QB. I had no ambitions other than spinning and eventually brown soothing liquid, nectar. Ademas, my other ambition-lite was to supersede my May '10 mileage, which I did this morning, topping 30m for the month when last May I only did 16m. Below are some images.

Goodyear blimp at Bowman

Goodyear Blimp at Bowman Field peeking through.

Cherokee Pk at its morning sunny best

developed wetlands along Beargrass Creek Trail

Turtles are back along BCT, but that water; that's just not right.


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