Spring Mileage

January- 326
February- 325
March- 262
April- 318
= 1231

January- 181
February- 206
March- 144
April- 243
= 774

January- 355
February- 156
April- 115

I'm not a mileage junkie by any stretch, but I find performance to be interesting, how I apportion my time and energies year in and year out. I'm almost 500 miles up on my '10 mileage and 400 on '09. I've already enjoyed a century and 2 really great long gravel rides. My commuting is down, but obviously I'm getting rides in and it feels good. I'm looking forward to the summer when I can steal away a bit more for some long efforts. My one goal sitting here is to supersede my May '10 mileage when I had a grand total of 26 miles somehow. Today Dave and I met for a noodle ride and it felt really good, quite the contrast with the century effort. We had no plan or purpose; we just rode around, learning more than anything that river flooding remnants smell really bad. It gave me 16m, so all I need is another 11 miles and I outdo last year. I haven't popped off a really big month since July of '09, but I'm pretty motivated to put one in as well amidst the family schedule this summer. A century a month sounds fun right now, but that's more a notion than a goal.

This morning was good, though.


I like how you said you enjoyed a century. Enjoyment is what it is all about.
Patrick said…
I see a correlation between the acquisition of "Precious" and this sudden mileage increase.

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