SCS slowdown

After Monday's mixed-terrain 32 I haven't done too much on the bike. Tuesday brought a morning amble which included a stop at the shop and Quills, but I was undermotivated to do much. Today was something if the same in that I was up early enough to "train" but didn't want to. Instead, I later went on a 7miler with L, which was very nice, and later we did another couple to eat sushi. On the way home we rode through a tornado siren as one was hitting the 'Ville at that exact time about 10m away!

I'm vacillating on one of two ideas for Friday/Saturday, either to ride down to CaseyCo. and stealth camp or to ride overnight brevet style. Both have thie allure and thei drawbacks. Anyone who reads this is encouraged to give pros and cons bc I have very little experience with either.


Pondero said…
For me, stealth camping would require knowledge of the site in advance. I'd need some level of comfort for personal safety, and lack of offending others to relax enough to enjoy myself. The overnight ride is appealing, but would likely require a riding buddy to encourage me to go to the trouble, and to share the otherwise lonely dark hours. Let us know what you decide, and bring us a story.
Tex69 said…
@Pondero, the prob is that I have no site scoped out. It's pretty amazing the lack of camping in that little corner of KY. As to riding buddies, as you can see, no one has come forth. I worry about sleep issues more than the distance or the dark.

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