Adventure (strikethrough)

I'm craving adventure and my form in the two mixed-terrain rides I've taken this summer hasn't quenched it; both rides were tougher than expected, and instead of reveling in the adventure, I tolerated it.

I had plans of a long-distance camping adventure, and when that seemed unlikely, I modified to an over-night brevet-inspired challenge. Alas.

I rode for 55 flat miles. Oddly, b/c it was so flat and we had a strong SW wind, the single-speed on the QB made for hamstering wheeling difficulty as I didn't have enough gear to cope with the tailwind. It wasn't adventure, but it was a ride. Pics to follow tomorrow.

And 2 errand commutes centered around my mom's garden party took me over 60 miles on the day, the first time over 60 since March. That will have to suffice for adventure at the moment.


Mexico looks really good vs the US. I don't think either one will go far in the World Cup outside of Concacaf. Europe is just too far ahead in training and tactics.
Tex69 said…
And Euro teams (along with Arg.), actually have an attack to break down that mediocre back line. They're fun going forward though.

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