Bike Doings

Although I didn't know it when I got up, yesterday became a day dominated by bike doings. To wit:

  • Rode to OYLC to drop off a wheel from the Redline 9.2.5. that needs some work. That bike is being sold once I get the wheel in order and the brakes recabled. I anticipate listing it FS after vacation.
  • Shot the breeze there a bit and then to home, giving me an easy 7m total "commute", along with not one but two coffees en route.
  • At around 11.00 I washed the Rans Rocket for a prospective buyer. I ran across this gentleman, 'E', while Dave and I were at Breadworks doing coffee recently. He came over to admire Dave's 'bent, saying that he was having back problems and looking for a solution. "Well!, I happen to have a 'bent for sale!", said I, although I hadn't done anything to prepare said sale. The RR is in good shape otherwise, with low drive-train mileage and pretty fresh brakes. Fact is, I never rode it much. Since using mycyclinglog starting in '09, I've ridden the Rans 7 times for 145m. Time to go.
  • Now I was in washing mode. so I washed the IF, Blueridge and QB.
  • At around 1.30 'E' came and test rode the RR and expressed an interest. Afterwards he and his daughter were going to pick up a kids bike. Nice bike day for the 'E' family.
  • Little did I know until later that when I looked in the mirror my face was covered with various bike grease splotches. I'm sure I was quite a site to the 'E' family.
  • Once washing the QB I realized how nasty the chain was, so I dug around and found the chain cleaner. I did a thorough job on the chains of the QB, IF, and Blueridge (particularly filthy, that one.)
  • I then remembered that the 29er chain was pretty bad too, so to that chain I went, and afterwards, a wash.
  • Deciding that I really like the Jones Loop Bar but that it didn't quite work for me on the 29er (needs higher bars and that' a pain on a Lefty shock), I removed and replaced with original straight/riser bar. I need to cut those down at some point.
  • For kicks, I replaced Nitto Rando bar on the LHT with the JLB, while not replacing any of the hardware. I'm intrigued what that ride would be like. I like the JLB, but would it be a good application for a commuter/gravel grinder? That might be the next project. JLB on LHT with new brake levers and shifters of some sort.
DONE with bike washing. Tired, hot and sweaty.
  • Around 6.00pm the good wife reminded me that I had made an appointment to drop off the car for an oil change. 
  • At 7.00 'E' called to see if I was home and shortly thereafter he came by and took the Rans off my hands. SOLD!  I spent a bit of time getting the seat and bar adjusted for him as he's taller than I. He seemed pleased. His daughter seemed as interested in the 'bent as 'E' was.  And that's one bike out of the stable. Forward progress on thinning the herd and generating some project money.
  • After that deal at 7.30 I drove out to the car dealer with bike in tow and then rode home. Well, not straight home b/c Dave texted me about any interest in a libation stop, so I rode the 10m from shop to Dundee for a libation or 2 and then home. I pushed the pace on the ride and felt good. And the cold libation felt good too. Dave and I rode the last mile home where he carved right, while I left for 11 miles for an evening commute. Good miles. 


Pondero said…
I'm not sure you could have planned it any better. All that bicycle geekiness, and productive too. Well done.
David Crowell said…
Thanks for meeting up with me for a brew. It was nice to get a few miles in.

You did have quite the "bike day".
Kokorozashi said…
Sounds like an awesome day! I'm glad the Rans Rocket found a good home.
Doug said…
Wow, I never get that much done in one day. Well done.

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