A little trail action

After a steady diet of road rides with some gravel thrown in, I took the 29er out today for what it was intended, a mtbike. I stayed in Cherokee and did the full loop, turned around and did the same trails on the return save the one rocky one that is my nemesis. I felt good and strong today but seemed like I was a little more challenged than usual throwing the 29er around on our twisty trails. It was a fun ride, a good workout, and the only minor damage was almost banging my hand into a tree, which I did not. A tired, sweaty success I would call it.

I'm not sure why the 60cx decided to draw my route/track today in three parts, but it did. This one ends about 3m from home, although I had already ridden all but one section. And the downhill from the dog run is amazing. KYMBA has added with set of mini-rollers or push-hills or whatev and it's a total blast. Excellent both up and down.

I can envision a different kind of bike working better on our trails, something like a full-suspended 26" cross-country bike. I have no interest in downhill so don't need an overbuilt neo-motor cycle. Maybe something like this would do the trick (cheaper than the other offerings)


Apertome said…
Man. Clearly, yes, you need another bike ;) Sounds like fun. Jon went to fix my 29er wheel and turns out I had not one but TWO broken spokes. So I'm still out of commission on that front. Damn.
Tex69 said…
Speaking hypothetically, and it would require a thinning of the herd to do so. For sure.

And double damn.

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