I can't deny; I've been undermotivated to "train" since Saturday's 75m Populaire. Today I awoke early and felt disjointed. After looking at the scale for the first time in a LONG I first took a look at my MyPlate diary from October and November. Interestingly, since the start of June I've ridden over 800 miles but have gained 5lbs. I strongly think it's a bit of Gary Taubes' theory that the body strives for stasis, so all the mega-mileage means mega-eating to recalibrate. Back in the Fall when I experienced a nice 20lbs weight loss I cycled little but walked very regularly. So, this morning I marched out for 1 hour of walking. And it felt good.

Today meant various (non-bike) errands and getting ready for 'L's bday swim party. We were taking drinks-n--dogs and I felt a strong need to use the Ute for said purpose.
This pic shows my accomplishment, the largest/heaviest load to date. On the right I loaded a full cooler with ice and 18 drinks, along with the hot dogs. On the left one can find 2 bags with various buns, chips and such. Admittedly it was a bit wobbly but I did it. Going home was a bit easier b/c the drinks were mostly gone, but I added recycling and the "pool bag" on the right, so I had the bags pretty full. It was only 1.5m, but I'm pretty dang pleased with myself. GGGRRRRRRR!!! CARGO BIKE!!!!!!


Kokorozashi said…
Nice! 18 drinks *and* ice *and* hotdogs -- that's some serious weight!

I don't know about this whole 'walking,' thing, though. It's a slippery slope: first you start walking, then you jog, then you're like, "Meh, might as well swim, too." You're not gonna turn into one of those triathlon people, are you? ;)
Apertome said…
Fun! Was the uneven weight a problem?
Tex69 said…
@Apertome. Yes, definitely in slow speeds situations. Definitely.

@Koro. I like to ride because it's riding. All else is just "fitness".

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