Coffee Ride

Went out for 19 humid miles on an easy coffee stroll via the parks (where Dave had to fix a busted chain), Indian Hills, Crescent Hill and Quills. Viewed the 9.30 club ride coming in from a coffee chair at Quills. Lots of cyclists out today. Low key as have been since last Saturday's 74m. Other doings coming up, so not much cycling content. And that's alright.


Apertome said…
Sounds pleasant. For some reason I thought you had left already. Dave G and I were boiling today too. So damn humid!
Kokorozashi said…
Seems like humid miles are the only ones we're likely to get any time soon! Went out on Saturday afternoon for a ride, but it felt much more like swimming :)
Nice. I ride to McDonald's many mornings for coffee and retiree's chats. Life is very mellow most days lately and that's nice too.

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