I/Grant's magic number

 Here's Grant's quote from Riv Reader #42. The "ideal number" discussion was floating around recently:
"seven is good. a beater, a bomber, a single-speed, a tour-ing bike,a lightish road bike, a do-all racked and bagged bike, a mixte, aloaner, and a work in progress. seven? Make it nine."

Might have to do some commentary on this sometime. What's your magic number? How close are you to it?


bikeolounger said…
Interestingly enough, the number seven crops up for me once in a while. I find it to be the average number of cars lined up in the left lane at a stop light before a solitary motorist going straight will line up behind me (this on Westport Road during my daily commute rides).
Three, a tourer, a roadie and a Marin.

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