Not-Training Ride

Grand plans to get up at 4.15 and get a training ride in before work since the afternoon/evening schedule looks dim. Didn't do it. Terrible night's sleep. I admire and envy all those freaks with the passion and stubbornness to regularly do so through adversity.

And I'm back to monitoring intake via Livestrong/MyPlate. I used it successfully for 6 months before a crazy tennis schedule did me in, so I can use it successfully again. The other recourse is to go Taubes and kill every living animal in sight.

But they're still freaks.


Laura said…
You've inspired me to use the same food tracking program. (Well, you and my ballooning weight have inspired me...) I keep trying to find a way not to have to pay attention to any of it and still have it be okay, but clearly that doesn't work for me. Good luck!
Patrick said…
Intake valve needs adjusting.
Apertome said…
I don't blame you. You did it once or twice, which is enough to impress me. I've thought a bit about the other side, riding at night, but haven't needed to yet, and my good light is still out of commission. Ugh.

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