Hotter-n-Hell Hundy

I've already taken off work and tomorrow I am to recreate my Family Camp Century from last year, one which was my first century and my first solo century. I had a nice time last year- except for the typical 75-85m split- and I feel like I have both more experience with long distances and more general long rides in the legs than last year. Below is my route-ish. It's a quickie although the "master file" is the .gpx I'll use from MapSource. Please move below.

Here is the other new feature for tomorrow. Mind you, I've already put in for the off-day, so something has to go forward. has us at 99F instead of just 97F. I have real concerns about a solo century with those kinds of temps. I harken back to early June when a 40-miler gravel grinder in IN just about did me in. Sitting here at this point I think I'll go forward, but with some trepidation. I have stops quite regularly, so refueling/rewatering are not problems, but dang, that's hot!
Friday, 2
97 | 74 °F


Apertome said…
Cripes! That really is hot ... make sure to keep your electrolyte levels up. Hope you have a great time!
David Crowell said…
I was comparing your route my Danville ride.

You may want to meander on White Hall Rd (off of Mackville-Willisburg), it was quite nice and really doesn't add distance.

I like your route down Hwy 1920 and Oscar Bradley Rd into Perryville better than my route. My planned route took my on a non-extistant road, so I ended up on Hwy 68 longer than necessary.

If I ever need to ride to Danville again, I'll take your route to Junction City and backtrack to Danville. that would keep me off that nasty stretch of US 150.
Laura said…
Good luck!
Pondero said…
Be careful out there. Start early, take your time, and have a back-up plan.

I hope you find a way to enjoy it.
Tex69 said…
The posted route is a "quickie" where I used "chose road" to do the shortest path out of expediency. My .gpx on the 60cx is more detailed and uses more side roads. As to going behind Perryville, yes, I had a tough time on those rollers along the park so I decided to go on the less-travelled route for a change of scenery. I'll check White Hall as well, as suggested.

I'll post a completed route once finished sometime this weekend.

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