Point St. George

We spent parts of three trips to Point St. George, which is a few miles from Crescent City. I'm sure there are many attractive features along the California coast, but I saw a mention that this area has some of the best to offer.

In the afternoon after our Stout Grove stop we stopped and goofed around. The boys ran in the surf a fair amount and we listened to the occasional bark of something, which we later learned was sea lions just off the coast. This first series is along Pebble Beach, although I didn't see Tiger shaking anything along here.

I learned later that this is Castle Rock Nat'l Wildlife Refuge, created primarily to protect bird nests. When I returned with binoculars I saw hundreds of white birds flying along the cliffs. Furthermore, if one looks at that chain of small islands in front, the one to the left is dotted with lots of little rock things, which binocs reveal to be sea lions, on what is known as "Sea Lion Island".

Z throwing a rock. I like this.

L doing tai chi. I like this.

Later that night we returned, only this time up the coast to Point St. George proper for a sunset, which we had read would provide an excellent vantage. Notwithstanding earlier shots of the boys in shorts and tshirts, the temps in heartily in the 50s with the wind blowing sideways. I think the pics are self-explanatory. I can look at flowing fields of grasses and wildflowers pretty much all day long. Sorry if you get bored, but it's your fault. The scenery is this amazing and it's a real treat to look through it again via the pics.

More waves in this shot.

L and the good wife. Nice colors.

The wind-blown good wife. She's a private person for blog purposes, but I love this pic too much not to post. If she gets mad at me I'll have to remove it.

How do you like this one? I like it a LOT! Also, if you know your art history, it's got a Friedrich "Wanderer over a Sea of Fog" vibe to it. (title may not be precise).

Strange sightings of this entity spurred me to research it later. It's the Point St. George Reef Lighthouse, the most expensive- or one of- lighthouse ever in the U.S. I suggest you read a bit. It's a cool and morbid story.

You can just see the reef lighthouse to the right.

Colorful windblown crew returning to the car.


Doug said…
Wow, really enjoyed the pictures. Thanks
Apertome said…
Such a beautiful place. And quite a variety of scenery, in one area. A couple of out of focus shots but otherwise no major problems. Nice job with the silhouetted sunsets.

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