Not really training, unless I'm training for more riding. Sunday is the next LBC Populaire, but I'm undecided. After bypassing opportunities yesterday I promised myself I would hit it this morning before going to Holiday World. Then at 11.30pm last night I told myself that I wouldn't get up. Then the body woke up at 5.45am already in sync with the school year (not the mind nor heart though), so a-training I went, putting in 30 miles in the parks and the IH/MockingbirdValley loop. I felt so-so, but good enough. It was a good morning too, a cool 71F with fog, mist and a general dampness *without* the oppressive humidity that has dogged us. Too bad I can't go to work at 9.30 every day.


Apertome said…
Nice going. Were you riding the IF? Riding the Bianchi for several good hours last weekend made me realize that I have not ridden that bike enough this year. It's just such a pleasure to ride. Bet the IF is the same way.
Timothy said…
You should come on out for the Populaire. I'll be running the event this time, and will be driving from the start to the first control, after which I'll go directly to the finish and get the beer portion of the event going. If you choose to not continue at the first control, you can get a ride back with me and enjoy some beer.

Tex69 said…
Sorry Barturtle, but I can't make this Populaire. Time constraints have me needing to get home much earlier than I would be able. And I'm a school teacher starting classes Monday, so work awaits as well. I'm going to do my best to catch the next.

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