Monday, October 03, 2011

BCS #2

Some observations:

  • That was a hard day in the saddle. Ride time a bit short of 4hrs, total a bit more than 5hrs. And while the BC trails are primo, they're still mtbike trails, so lots of roots, rocks, trees and features to maneuver around. I forget what a full body workout mtbiking is, especially if you're working the downhills and not just coasting.
  • BCSP is mighty substantial. We rode every trail in the joint except for Schooner, which begins and ends with the nastiest looking rock gardens I've seen. Generally the trails are laid out really logically with features around every corner, but in a way that keeps things "flowing" (borrowing their terminology). Well, except for ThunderGulch or whatev it's called. That trail (the upper half) was just shitty. Too many rocks and off-camber crap. It might have helped if we didn't run into probably 20 bikers along there; it was the only crowded spot the entire day.
  • I didn't really have my climbing legs much- helped by Michael setting down a *furious* pace in the opening couple hours-, but, MAN, I felt great on the downhills. I've never "shredded" like that. I'm pretty sure I found the purpose of the C'dale F29er/Caffeine, the bike with the dumbest name ever. It's never been a great bike in the twisty stuff close to the house in the parks, but here at BC where you can open up the throttle a bit, the C'dale performed wonderfully, especially on the downhills. I just read the review of the aforementioned link and they mentioned it being a stable machine with a somewhat long wheelbase and I couldn't agree more. I bombed down the hills and felt really secure. I've probably never had the opportunity close to home to really let loose. That said, the rear end is a bit tight (hmm?), so it wore down by back end after the day. I was thinking "Thudbuster" at some point as a way to take the edge off.
  • Michael and Dave couldn't have been better ride mates. Everybody stayed together the entire ride and was really supportive. Dave knows the trails like his own yard- he helped build some- so his observations were really helpful for a newby. Michael, setting a hard pace early on, set the day up for what it should be, an honest attack in every good way. 
  • I'm ready to go back already, not just yet, but soon enough to take in the trails a bit more and help make some decisions as to my favorites. To be honest I like the *Easy* ones b/c you can open it up the most, but some combo of North Tower, Aynes and/or Green Valley was worth the price of admission for sure! And Hesitation Point. Can't forget that climb/descent down through the PawPaw and Hickory.
  • Due to how my family schedule shook out, I had the time and we ended up getting a table in busy Nashville, IN at Big Woods Brewing. I was quite impressed with the nachos and the Stout. Again, worth another return down the road, and a hell of a way to finish the day.
  • It's Monday am and I'm still a bit bone tired

Michael, representing early on after putting me in difficulty on the early climbs.

Dave. Dave's a baller, but the most mellow one around.  I just got the feeling that he could take off whenever he wanted, but that he enjoys the camaraderie more.

Black, white and red woodpecker on right side of left tree.

Terrance Malick?

Abandoned homestead

View from Hesitation Point

Nice rest after a tough climb.

Rock garden along Walnut Trail, where both Michael and I lost our edge.

Bridge blur

I have a new-found respect for all those idiots out in Kamloops and such with miles of these things.


Apertome said...

Nice post -- you got some excellent photos, too. Glad you got one of that damn rock garden. The bridge looks pretty cool.

I think you're right, that's exactly the kind of shit your 29er was built for. XC all the way. I'm glad you got to ride it in its element, it sounds like it rides fairly similarly to my 29er, and it's bliss when you're in the right situation for it. I also find my 29er is awesome out in HNF. Soaks up some of the extra bumps, rolls well, and as you said, descends really well.

I also agree about the easier trails out there. They really are the most fun, and the faster you go, the more fun you have.

I hope the pace wasn't too much. I obviously couldn't sustain it the whole ride but I was just loving carving those trails, too!

Seems like you "smelled the barn" again at the end. You really opened up the throttle basically the whole way back. Impressive.

LvilleTex said...

You've ridden with me enough now to know that at the end I either fall apart (that cut-short gravel ride last year out of Ferdinand) or, yes, smell the barn. I was pretty tired and ready to be finished and then I saw those dudes behind me (Dave in between) and I'm like, "Eff it!" and I went!

I loved the pace. Yes, I suffered a bit early on, but screw a "Sunday walk in the park". It was rewarding. And, yes, the C'dale was carving so well that I just pushed the descents. Loved it. And ready to return at some point.

Furthermore, I'm now up for another drive day to reach some all-day trails in HNF or elsewhere. Maybe FSF and that reclaimed mine place out past Ferdinand?

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