Went out for a damn easy spin during L's practice, my now-ritual Monday evening ride. Of late it's been cyclocross, but after yesterday's adventure I needed to take it really, really easy. In fact I've been a little body sore all day after 4 hours of mtbike pounding. The IF hadn't been out of the stable for a while, so it was the weapon of choice. Ironic, right? The fastest steed in the stable going on a veritable walk? I also used the HRM to stay within that 60% they tout as easy/fat-burning, yada yada. Early-to-mid-ride I noticed some creaks coming from the bike. Odd, really. As I went on they became more and more prominent. My primary guess is that I gave the IF a good washing recently and must not have relubbed the chain. As soon as I came home I did the deed, so soon I'll take it back out for a test run and hopefully the creaks will have stopped. Very mellow. And in the end I averaged over 13mph, which is about what I do on the LHT or Bleriot. Context, speed is. The day. The bike. The riding partners. The premise. It's a bit in the eye of the beholder.


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