Uh, a little too cold?

I convinced Dave to meet me for a very early Nochebuena ride. As expected, I have shopping, wrapping and stuff to do today to prep for tonight and tomorrow, so our 6.00a.m. time gave me a window to ride and drink plenty of coffee before the day's proceedings.

What we realized pretty early on is that the listed 33F felt colder and that neither of us was properly dressed. He had (very?) cold toes and a damp torso. I had cold everything. We/I chose to go shorter, turning westward towards Indian Hills instead of a longer loop out Lime Kiln or Prospect. Our descent down Totem had us both braking so as to avert some of the cold pummeling us as we dipped into the river valley. Towards the bottom we ran upon a deer to the right. Not 10 yds. further down the hill on my left side of the road I and another large forest rat almost came to blows. As I said to Dave, "my senses are awake now!"  We turn onto River Rd. and made our way through the dark.

At some point along RR I happened upon a significant problem, a first for me. My warming mechanisms were insufficient for, you know, there. I used a paper map I had as a wind block to little effect. We turned towards B'town Rd. and coffee options and I hit the climb up Payne hard to warm up. And my insufficiently warmed area was colder, colder and colder. By the time we got to Highland Coffee I was a bit concerned, but some spent eating, coffeeing and, well, warming up to get me out of the danger zone. Yikes!

We then stopped by Breadworks for more coffee and then it was time to head home for the day. Feliz Nochebuena and thanks to Dave for the cold ride companionship!



Laura said…
You're funny -- very subtle with your description!

I'm always impressed that you're willing to ride when it's cold -- as someone who doesn't really like to exercise anyway, the idea of doing it while freezing is terribly unappealing. Heck, I'm generally cold just being inside my house.

Merry Christmas!
Timothy said…
That's what the third wool sock is for
Doug said…
Once, and only once, have I experienced what you experienced today. I think I stuffed a fleece ear band down my front to shield my parts until I got home. I made sure that never happened again. Wind blocking shorts under wind blocking tights/pants are the only thing I wear when it gets below 40 degrees. I never want to feel that pain in that area again.

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