Friday, December 23, 2011

Saved by the Dale

For a variety of reasons, today was a bit of a black day. And that's that. Later this evening LithoDale suggested a nighttime ramble, which I agreed to. And I'm glad I did. We left in the cover of a brisk night and tooled around the neighborhoods of the lower Highlands before venturing into the parks. The first 10 miles were a nice 15+avg (good for me, easy for LD). The next 5 I backed down a bit as we hit the golf course hill and I a bit of general tiredness. We parted about 1m from my homestead and maybe 1.5 from his, still in the cover of a brisk night, but both feeling a bit more energized, or at least physically alive. A well-deserved effort, much appreciated.


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Pondero said...

I really need to do more night rides. I don't think about it enough. Perhaps if I had a Texas LithoDale...

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