Saturday, January 07, 2012


A well-spent sunny morning during Z's track practice. Yesterday I finally changed the tires on the 29er, going back to the Navegal/SplitSix combo I used in Brown Co. and away from the Vulpines that have been on the mtbike since the Gravel Grovel. In a word...spoiled. Brown Co spoiled me. I haven't really done any trail riding since then, and comparing that experience with today I just couldn't be quite satisfied. Where in BrownCo I rode long flowing lines with a reasonably good surface, today in Cherokee/Seneca I fought with many more turns, roots and rocks. Last time I criticized the C/S system on the blog a local rider took offense and left a pithy comment or two, but I'm not criticizing them, per se. I'm comparing a riding style or preference. I prefer long flowing lines over a turny, rooty, tight one. Perhaps I don't have the skill set necessary for making lots of rocky, rooty turns. I had fun and felt satisfied with a good physical effort at the end, but I also have a hankering for some of that. I might need a Waverly visit sometime soon to help assuage my earnings. Good day, though.

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