Monday, January 30, 2012


Today has been quite the bonus on the bicycle. The forecast was for 53F in the afternoon, and with a schedule change of tennis conditioning I took advantage to ride in on the Ute. The morning was cool but the afternoon did one better, topping out at 60F with really sunny skies. I even skipped out a couple minutes early to beat the buses and rode "tempo" home, knowing that I would be returning to school for a meeting and to pick up the Dauphin. Once home from that errand, the Monday typical is to take L to soccer, where I planned to ride again. L came down sick and slept the afternoon away, so instead of portaging I jumped on the IF for a local jam. Even though the temps began to fall with the sun, I still had super-pleasant conditions to ride in, and ride I did. It was the first tempo ride I can remember in a while, finishing at 16.1mph. Admittedly no big hills impeded me from big-gearing, but it felt REALLY good. I sure hope everybody go out and did the same in your own way. I feel quite fortunate having stolen 31 miles on a beautiful day.


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